Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training and Personal Trainers in Oxford and surrounding Areas

Triumph Fitness Ltd is Oxford’s leading Personal training company with fully qualified personal trainers  covering Oxford, Bloxham and Witney. Your personal  trainer at Triumph fitness will provide you with specific training whether your goal is fat and weight loss, muscle toning and muscle gain, sports fitness or general health and fitness. With your Triumph Fitness Personal trainer, personal training is the most effective way to achieve and maintain your goals. We can train you at home or at our gym and offer great flexibility with regards to time and budget.

During Personal Training session, the trainer leads you through a fitness session, making sure that you perform the correct exercises and that you work at the correct intensity. These sessions can be performed in your own home, at your local gym or anywhere which is convenient for the client and the instructor.

We are passionate about exercise and its benefits! Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys exercise and our aim to make the sessions fun, relevant to your needs and safe. In the Initial Consultation we establish your likes and dislikes, ask about previous exercise history and the equipment you have available. From this we can design sessions emphasize your previous positive experiences.

For example, kickboxing is a favourite for our male and female clients and is excellent for weight loss and toning. Some clients enjoy playing football, tennis or badminton and so the personal training sessions included these sports. The idea at Triumph Fitness is the adoption of regular exercise through other means than just going to the gym. By finding out about local sports clubs, we have encouraged clients to get back into the social sports arena where they can get back playing and training regularly again.

Personalised Training Programme

A plan that you can follow by yourself

Our aim is that you will eventually go on and carry on training and stay motivated without the need of a trainer! For this reason it is important that you know exactly what is required to produce effective and efficient results. With your personalised training program you get to know what exercises and intensities are best suited to you. This gives you the knowledge and confidence that you are doing things right! And because it is done in addition to the Personal training sessions, you will see results very quickly!

Our support network means that we’ll call you during the week to find out how you are doing and to try and help with any issues facing you. We can also refer you to other clients who have encountered similar problems or who have the same fitness aims to chat to them about their experiences and how they overcame them.

Fitness assessments and re-assessments

Fitness AssementsAssessments are an essential part of life. They give insight into strengths and weaknesses, and allows us to see progress, which in turn improves motivation. Because everyone is so very different, it also allows Triumph Fitness trainers to set specific intensities to the training program.

Our fitness testing includes anthropometric measurements, aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, flexibility and core strength tests.

At the end of the package (4 to 8weeks) these tests are performed again to assess progress made.

Remember, fitness testing is specific to you….don’t worry, we will not ask you to do a 10k if you have never run before!

Nutritional Guidelines and Assistance

Nutritional GuidelinesWith all the media coverage, it is becoming common knowledge that we are in a great part, what we eat! Most people know what they should and should not be eating. Triumph Fitness helps you to focus in on the eating habits that are letting you down! Through information sheets and nutrition logs we can identify areas of improvements and put strategies in place to improve your diet.

Regular Consultation

At triumph fitness we pride ourselves in maintaining constant contact with our clients. Because ultimately we want our clients to succeed, support our clients all the way! If your goal is to go to the gym on Monday, then we’ll call or text to see how you got on. Feedback from our clients identifies this as one of the best motivators go maintaining the exercise routine… after all, if you don’t go to the gym, you’ll pay for it later in the personal training sessions!

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Client Testimonials

  Dan has literally changed my body shape. I have never been fitter or stronger and am now totally convinced there is no reason to go into middle age looking any worse than you did when you were 20. Dan is a kind , caring, inspirational  personal trainer who makes me work hard and also keeps me thinking about the progress we have made over the past few months so keeps me on the straight and narrow. Dan has contributed massively to my health and fitness and I am forever indebted to him for showing me how to stay strong, fit, healthy not to mention slimmer as the years go on!

Helena Frith Powell - Writer and Editor

I first met Dan in his Bootcamp classes in Oxford and completed a set of Personal training sessions with him. Through his carefully selected exercises using free-weights and bodyweight, and HIIT style routines, I not only lost weight and toned up, but developed an enjoyment for exercise. He is very knowledgable, patient with a lovely gentle manner and humour, and knows what it takes to get the physique you are hoping for. I can highly recommend him.